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Ground Nuts

Our Groundnuts are rich in protein, phosphorous, thiamin and niacin. Owing to our well-maintained and organized inventory system, we deliver the same in the committed time. In order to keep the products in safe condition during handling, warehousing and transit, we make use of only premium packaging materials. Moreover, our skilled personnel are employed for carrying out the task of packing.

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Product Code SDOYA51


Special Features Peanut   is a  legume  crop  grown mainly for its edible seeds, oil extraction and livestock feeding oilcake meal ( residue from oil processing )
Applications Peanut oil  is used in cooking, because it has a mild flavor and a relatively high  smoke point, considered healthier than  saturated oils, and is resistant to  rancidity. Peanut flour  is lower in fat than peanut butter, and has high protein content making it suitable as a flavor enhancer.  Peanut flour is used as a gluten-free solution.
Boiled peanuts are a popular snack worldwide.
Dry peanuts can be roasted in the shell or shelled in a home oven. Peanuts are used to help fight  malnutrition.  Groundnut cake  is a livestock feed, mostly used by cattle as protein supplements. The protein cake (oilcake meal) residue from oil processing is used as an animal feed and as a soil fertilizer. 
Technical specification A common  cooking  and  salad  oil, peanut oil is 46% monounsaturated fats (primarily  oleic acid), 32%  polyunsaturated fats  (primarily  linoleic acid), and 17% saturated fats (primarily palmiticacid).  Extractable from whole peanuts using a simple water and  centrifugation  method,
Brief about product Peanuts are rich in  essential nutrients, extract edible oil and Animals feed. 
Industries where this product is used Food, edible Oil , livestock farms

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